Raspberry Pi 3

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Raspberry Pi 3 support landed in kernel 4.8.

The changes to the defconfig are queued for 4.9, so for 4.8 you will need to cherry-pick 17fa57ed3aebd198a2ba39cde2cd2a96ea60cab0.

Upstream linux plans on only supporting arm64 mode on arm64 hardware. Given that arm64 supports 32-bit userspace, this should be fine from Raspberry Pi's perspective.

Hardware support


VC4 support is present, but HDMI won't see the monitor as connected due to the needing the HDMI HPD pin on the GPIO expander. There is a patch series in review to add a driver for the GPIO. Until then, you can use EDID-based probing.


The new SDHOST adapter has been submitted to the kernel list a couple of times, but needs rework for feedback that happened.


We need the SDHOST driver, then wifi should be fine.


This should be supported, but is not tested upstream currently.