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This repository is the home of the VC4 Linux graphics driver kernel development and the BCM2835 (Raspberry Pi) upstream Linux kernel maintainership branches.

Bug reporting

VC4 kernel bugs (display, kernel oopses) can be reported on the issues page. For VC4 rendering bugs, see the guide in the mesa tree.

General Raspberry Pi (BCM2835) bugs should be reported to the Raspberry Pi foundation tree, as this tree is primarily for upstreaming of their code.


Discussion of VC4 development is on FreeNode IRC at #dri-devel (anholt, bbrezillon). The BCM2835 maintainers (anholt, lategoodbye) can be found on FreeNode IRC at #raspberrypi-kernel. These are the best forums for questions.

The mailing list for VC4 kernel development is dri-devel. For BCM2835 upstream kernel development we have linux-rpi-kernel.

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