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This is the repository for tracking money for Toucan Sam and the Fruitloops

How band funds get used

  • When we do an event and get money, the people at the event can agree by simple majority to spend however much of that money on Whatever They Damn Well Feel Like. Drinks for everyone at the bar? Go nuts.

  • Any remaining band funds go into the band account. I'll be tracking that money as I get it. Feel free to let me know any updates when I'm not around. The git repository containing the history of band funds is toucan-sam-funds. You use gnucash to edit the band funds file.

  • When at least 5 band members get together, a simple majority can decide to spend existing band funds on things to make the Touc more awesome. Things that are encouraged for reimbursement include:

    • Reimbursing those who brought the libations we all enjoyed.
    • Supplies for making props/art/whatever for the Touc.
    • Equipment that will stay with the Touc for future shows.
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