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Update build_deps.bat

Reverted to the vs11 project calling convention, this changes in vs12.
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apathyboy committed Jul 21, 2013
1 parent 92d5f1b commit 77755fcabe7d1e7366b6cb30258ad5997fc74d38
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  1. +6 −6 build_deps.bat
@@ -321,10 +321,10 @@ if not exist "%MYSQL_C_DIR%" (
cd "%MYSQL_C_DIR%"
cmake -G"Visual Studio %MSVC_VERSION%" .
-cmake --build . --target libmysql/mysqlclient --config Debug
-cmake --build . --target libmysql/libmysql --config Debug
-cmake --build . --target libmysql/mysqlclient --config Release
-cmake --build . --target libmysql/libmysql --config Release
+cmake --build . --target mysqlclient --config Debug
+cmake --build . --target libmysql --config Debug
+cmake --build . --target mysqlclient --config Release
+cmake --build . --target libmysql --config Release
if not exist "%VENDOR_DIR%include\mysql.h" (
xcopy "include" "%VENDOR_DIR%include" /s /i /y
@@ -352,8 +352,8 @@ if not exist mysql-connector-cpp (
cd mysql-connector-cpp
-cmake --build . --target driver/mysqlcppconn --config Debug
-cmake --build . --target driver/mysqlcppconn --config Release
+cmake --build . --target mysqlcppconn --config Debug
+cmake --build . --target mysqlcppconn --config Release
if not exist "%VENDOR_DIR%include\cppconn" (
xcopy "cppconn" "%VENDOR_DIR%include\cppconn" /s /i /y

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