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The goal of the project was to improve Jangouts' interface to address the needs of the community. This problem was solved by reaching out to the community members to identify and understand UX issues that lead to the improvement of the UI.


The first step to redesign Jangouts was to understand its users. Thus, I conducted an online Survey and created a few Personas, profiles of fictional users to represent different user types who use Jangouts. Having analyzed the Results of the survey, I matched the respondents to the personas to recognize the needs of specific types of users that are described in Personas' Requirements. Then, I specified the requirements for the new design in UI Requirements Specification and began designing wireframes. The First Draft shows 10 different ideas that were later narrowed down and explained in the Wireframes Design Explanation that lead to the Second Draft. This gave a foundation for the design of the Prototype that can be statically viewed here or interactively tested here.

Jangouts before redesign:
Jangouts before redesign mockup

Jangouts after redesign:
Jangouts before redesign mockup

The full documentation of the redesign process that I created can be found in the source tree in the doc/redesign directory.


All the commits I've made during GSoC 2017 can be found in the following Pull Requests:


The list of things to do or improve can be found in this Google Groups post:!topic/jangouts/No3ske2MbDo

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