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Plugin for easy integration of UML diagrams in TiddlyWiki, using PlantUML.

The diagrams are written inside Tiddlywiki tiddlers, using the PlantUML syntax, and will be shown as images when the tiddler is opened.

It only works online, as it uses the online PlantUML server to generate the images.


To include the plugin in your TiddlyWiki, create a tiddler for it: new tiddler, with the plugin code (PlantUmlPlugin.js) as the content, and with a tag called systemConfig. Installation


To use it, you'll have to use the macro plantUml in your tiddler, with the following format:

<<plantUml 'diagram specification' 'alternate text'>>

Where the 'alternate text' is optional.

Example: Usage edit

This will generate the following tiddler: Usage result


Feel free to address your comments/suggestions/whatever to yours truly:

Aníbal Cáceres