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XT Tailwind for Joomla. My Blog template, based on Tailwind CSS.
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XT Tailwind for Joomla

For future reference:

To get started, clone the project and install the dependencies:

# Using npm
npm install

After that, start up Webpack Development Server:

npm run dev

The page is rendered here http://localhost:8080/.

Webpack Development Server will watch /src/styles.css and /tailwind.js and rebuild your stylesheet on every change. You can play around with /src/index.html to see the effects of your changes.

The sample page renders my blog layout redesigned with Tailwind ;-)

To build a production bundle run:

npm run prod

After that you will have a ready to deploy bundle at /dist



  • Initial version
  • Tailwind CSS v0.7.4.


  • Tailwind CSS - The Utility-First CSS Framework. A project by Adam Wathan (@adamwathan), Jonathan Reinink (@reinink), David Hemphill (@davidhemphill) and Steve Schoger (@steveschoger).
  • Webpack
  • PostCSS
  • cssnano
  • Purgecss

Copyright & License

  • Copyright (c)2007-2019 Extly, CB. All rights reserved.
  • Distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later; see LICENSE
  • This project is dedicated to Andrea Gentil ;-D
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