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Laravel Lumen Boilerplate for Joomla
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Laravel Lumen Boilerplate for Joomla


The Laravel ecosystem is currently one of the most popular solutions in the PHP world. The original Laravel library has gone from being a simple library to a complete organization of libraries and associated services. Once you start implementing a part of Laravel, you fall into the rabbit hole, and you never know how much Laravel technology you are going to adopt. In addition to the basic set of services, the common practice at Laravel often associates other well-known technologies such as Redis, Vue.js or Tailwind CSS.

For starters, Lumen is the micro-framework created by the Laravel team as the lightest flavor of the platform. It comes with a minimum set of features. After implementing the base package, you are free to adopt any of the other Laravel packages or services.

Why Laravel Lumen on Joomla?

The Lumen microframework provides an agnostic API, independent of a specific CMS, to access the complete platform of Laravel libraries and integrated services. In our case, we started to implement Lumen as the basis of a family of packages for Joomla, PrestaShop, and WordPress. In our systems, the core business model is implemented following Laravel practices, other top layers are developed as needed, and the lower layer interacts with the underlying CMS to integrate functionality where needed.

Laravel evolves rapidly, and each version implements the latest PHP features available. Laravel 5.8 is the latest version, compatible with 7.1 or higher. Laravel 5.5 is the latest version of LTS, supported until August 30, 2020. Laravel 5.4 was the last version compatible with the PHP 5 branch (no longer supported). In September 2019, Laravel 6 was released.

For more information:



  • Initial version
  • Support of all extension types
  • Webpack generator



  • Copyright (c)2007-2019 Andrea Gentil - Anibal Sanchez. All rights reserved.
  • Distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later
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