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Generate Swagger 2.0 spec from an API call
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Generate Swagger 2.0 (Open API) spec from Curl like API Call.


You can install api2swagger either through npm or by cloning and linking the code from GitHub. This document covers the installation details for installing from npm.

Installation from npm

The api2swagger module and its dependencies are designed for Node.js and is available through npm using the following command:

From a Terminal Window:

$ sudo npm install -g api2swagger


Entry Explanation
-e, --endpoint Rest API Endpoint
-o, --output Swagger destination location filename
-X, --httpMethod HTTP Method Name - Allowed HEAD, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
-d, --data POST / PUT Data
-H, --header Request Headers to be included.
-P, --proxy proxy detail - http://username:password@proxyhost:proxyport

Notes on options

Option Notes
data Use single-quotes around a JSON string, and on Windows escape the double-quotes within the string by prepending a / i.e. '{ "grant_type" : "XXYYZZ" }'
header Quotes should be used, and multiple headers can be specified by giving multiple -H entries


$ api2swagger -e "" -X GET -o /Users/Anil/Desktop/sampleSwagger.json


Getting Started with API2Swagger - Api2Swagger : Open API (Swagger) 2.0 Spec Generator - Command line tool

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