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OpenAPI to Apigee API Proxy using Node.js Utility
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openapi2apigee module converts a standard Open API spec (previously known as Swagger) into an Apigee API Proxy bundle and deploys into an Apigee Edge Organization.


  • node.js


You can install openapi2apigee either through npm or by cloning the code from this GitHub repo. This README covers the installation steps with npm.

Installation from npm

From a Terminal Window:

$ npm install -g openapi2apigee

Command reference and examples


Generates Apigee API Proxy bundle from OpenAPI specification file and deploys to Apigee Edge Organization.


$ openapi2apigee generateApi petStore -s -D -d /Users/me/Desktop/


Getting Started with OpenAPI

openapi2apigee Apigee-127 Extensions support

Secure APIs using OAuth 2.0 & Verify API Key Policies in Apigee using OpenAPI 2.0

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