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"set foldmethod=syntax
"set foldlevelstart=1
"set foldnestmax=5
"let javaScript_fold=1
set textwidth=0
"set foldclose=all
" nice status in the ruler
set ruler
set laststatus=2
" tabs -> spaces
set expandtab
set tabstop=2
set softtabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2
" turn mouse on
" set mouse=a
" space = pagedown, - = pageup
noremap <Space> <PageDown>
noremap - <PageUp>
" auto-save buffer as you jump between them
set autowrite
" ack integration
set grepprg=ack\ -a
" remap'd keys
map <Tab> <C-W>w
nnoremap <F5><F5> :set invhls hls?<CR> " use f5f5 to toggle search hilight
nnoremap <F4><F4> :set invwrap wrap?<CR> " use f4f4 to toggle wordwrap
nnoremap <F2><F2> :vsplit<CR>
vmap c :TC<CR><F5><F5>
function RubyEndToken ()
let current_line = getline( '.' )
let braces_at_end = '{\s*\(|\(,\|\s\|\w\)*|\s*\)\?$'
let stuff_without_do = '^\s*\(class\|if\|unless\|begin\|case\|for\|module\|while\|until\|def\)'
let with_do = 'do\s*\(|\(,\|\s\|\w\)*|\s*\)\?$'
if match(current_line, braces_at_end) >= 0
return "\<CR>}\<C-O>O"
elseif match(current_line, stuff_without_do) >= 0
return "\<CR>end\<C-O>O"
elseif match(current_line, with_do) >= 0
return "\<CR>end\<C-O>O"
return "\<CR>"
au FileType ruby imap <buffer> <CR> <C-R>=RubyEndToken()<CR>
fun! Replace()
let s:word = input("Replace " . expand('<cword>') . " with:")
:exe 'bufdo! %s/' . expand('<cword>') . '/' . s:word . '/ge'
:unlet! s:word
map \r :call Replace()<CR>
" backup to ~/.tmp
set backup
set backupdir=$HOME/.tmp
set writebackup
" no swap file
set noswapfile
" misc
set si
set nohls
set incsearch
set showcmd
set nowrap
syntax match Error "\s\+$"
syntax on " Enable syntax highlighting
filetype on " Enable filetype detection
filetype indent on " Enable filetype-specific indenting
filetype plugin on " Enable filetype-specific plugins
" :alias
com VR :vertical resize 80
:command -bar -nargs=1 OpenURL :!open <args>
:command W w
:command Wq wq
:command Wa wa
:command Q q
" iabbrevs
iabbrev ARB ActiveRecord::Base
iabbrev uts Unit tested: self \n Code reviewed:
"nmap <C-T> /^ *def</C-T>
"nmap <D-T> :e **/</D-T>
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.god setfiletype ruby
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.treetop setfiletype ruby
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.rl setfiletype ragel
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.io setfiletype io
au FileType javascript imap <c-t> console.log()<esc>i
au FileType javascript iabbrev functino function
au FileType javascript imap <c-a> alert()<esc>i
au FileType javascript setl nocindent
au FileType javascript inoremap <buffer> $r return
au FileType javascript inoremap <buffer> $d //<cr>//<cr>//<esc>ka<space>
au FileType javascript inoremap <buffer> $c /**<cr><space><cr>**/<esc>ka
"Fast reloading of the .vimrc
map <leader>s :source ~/.vimrc<cr>
"Fast editing of .vimrc
map <leader>e :e! ~/.vimrc<cr>
"When .vimrc is edited, reload it
autocmd! bufwritepost vimrc source ~/.vimrc
"Highlight current
"set cursorline
function! PlainTextFold()
setlocal foldmethod=expr
setlocal foldexpr=(getline(v:lnum)=~'^$')?-1:((indent(v:lnum)<indent(v:lnum+1))?('>'.indent(v:lnum+1)):indent(v:lnum))
set foldtext=getline(v:foldstart)
set fillchars=fold:\ "(there's a space after that \)
au FileType plaintext call PlainTextFold()
au FileType yaml call PlainTextFold()
" When editing a file, always jump to the last known cursor position.
autocmd BufReadPost *
\ if line("'\"") > 0 && line("'\"") <= line("$") |
\ exe "normal g`\"" |
\ endif
" colorz
"hi Comment term=bold ctermfg=DarkCyan guifg=#80a0ff
hi Comment ctermfg=DarkMagenta