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My kicad schmatic symbol libraries

Bunch of schematic symbols (usually for cheap weird parts). Most of the symbols can be associated to footprints found in the kicad installation or one of the .pretty repositories alongside (with the same basename).

List of parts


  • DIODE_BRIDGE : Made it since the default kicad one was huge.
  • PUSH_BUTTON_NO : Normally Open, push button.
  • RJ11_PTH_STAGGER : RJ11 4C symbol. Defaults were huge.
  • RJ12_PTH_STAGGER : RJ12 6C + 2 symbol. Defaults were huge.
  • DISP_LED_MAT_8x8_COM_ANODE: 8x8 LED Display module, Common anode.
  • DISP_LED_MAT_8x8_COM_CAT: 8x8 LED Display module, Common cathode.


  • TRANSFO-AUDIO : Small no-name audio transformer.


  • HT9032D : 8 pin Belcore FSK caller id decoder

Typical usage with libs and footprints as git submodules

Setup your Kicad project at say, projectdir. If it is a git repository already add these as submodules:

cd projectdir
git submodule add libs/akn-libs

If you want an associated footprint library add them as submodule as well:

git submodule add modules/akn_misc.pretty

The 3D shapes library should be relative to the system-wide kicad 3d shapes directory. You could put it somewhere outside the projectdir if you want to use it with other projects. A sequence of steps like the following should work:

cd /opt/my_kicad_shapes
git clone
cd /usr/share/kicad/modules/packages3d
ln -s /opt/my_kicad_shapes/akn.3dshapes

The directory /usr/share/kicad/modules/packages3d is a typical 3d shapes top directory on a linux kicad installation. On platforms where you cannot make symbolic links, copy the clone to that directory (or clone it there). Also, the directory named /opt/my_kicad_shapes is just for illustration.


Kicad schematic library



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