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ESP8266 based PSTN Caller ID interface

The CDN message detailed here is parsed by an AVR micro controller and passed on to the ESP8266 module over UART. The ESP8266 then hands it over to an MQTT broker by publishing it as the topic /clipdev. The message payload would be string like this:

<error status>,<month>,<day>,<hour>,<minute>,<calling line number>

This message originates from the firmware running on the AVR micro controller.

The source code for the ESP8266 SoC is in the esp8266 directory and that for the AVR (ATTiny84) microcontroller that interfaces with the FSK chip is in avr_ht9032.


This was made for the device described in .


ESP Firmware

Setup the variables as required by . This includes stuff like:


Build checkdirs because the Makefile symlinks some .c files from SDK in the first step.

$ make checkdirs
$ make

Flash using. Pass ESPPORT=<ESP serial port> if it changed from the time you set the environment.

$ make flash

This version has not been tested with the SDK 1.5.

AVR firmware

If you have AVR GCC suite just a make should build the .hex file. The provided makefile uses avrdude to flash and programmer is set to usbasp.


Wifi Credentials in ESP 8266

It uses the tuanpmt's library and configuration mechanism. It loads the settings in user_config.h to flash if the magic number CFG_HOLDER is different from whats in the flash. So when you update configuration change CFG_HOLDER to re-save the values to flash.