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Welcome to the Animadio Wiki!

Animadio is a CSS framework build with some particularities:

  • Advanced Selectors => most classes are built with the attribute selector (specifying the class attribute precisely) combined with the universal selector like this -> [class * = "any-class"]
  • CSS States => the majority of classes are built to meet 8 different states, & for each of them, it's necessary to add a keyword at the end of the class name to specify the state
  • Concat Naming => these two particularities mean that you can create an infinite number of class names by concatenation, so many effects cumulated
  • CSS Variables => the framework can be defined for all properties with CSS variables (except the display property), so it is very easy to override any value to personalize any element
  • CSS Only => this tool doesn't use any JavaScript code in production ; only less than 0.01% is not CSS (the JavaScript Task Runner Grunt for concat, webkit & minified in development)
  • Full Interactivity => you can click anywhere on the page to enable & disable any design effect anywhere else
  • Animations Management => keyframes & animations with transform property are possible & very easy to implement
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