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Character creation tool for Blender

Blender 2.8 Support

MB-Lab has been developed to work with Blender 2.80

Contributors wanted!

We are a small bunch of developers and artists but we always need more! MB-Lab's code is quite complex and needs work, to either fix bugs or to add new features, Python programmers are always welcome! Do you have other skills? We need modelers to help with future base models for instance. Are you a specialist in rigging? We could use some help improving the rigs for MB-Lab. There are lots to do in this project, we can only do so much at a time so please feel free to join us, fork the repository and then make something cool.


MB-Lab is a community developed and supported project based off ManuelBastioniLAB.

If you're interested in helping this project Financially or to see behind the scenes information of this plugin's Development, Please support our Patreon.

This fork is an attempt to keep this addon going forward as the original author is no longer developing ManuelBastioniLAB

MB-Lab 1.7.8


  • MB-Dev Character Development Framework introduced
  • Hair Engine now adds hair shaders to Cycles and EEVEE


  • MBLabSkin2 uses Principled BSDF yet again
  • Removed SSS scale group, replaced with Vector Math node
  • Bump map added, Thickness map removed
  • Modified skin oil maps
  • Eyelash shader now has bump and gloss
  • ExpressionEngine class now in it's own file
  • Blush map converted to grayscale
  • Modified Albedo maps
  • Bump maps now 4k resolution
  • Modified Freckle masks
  • Modified Material Engine
  • Changed lighting code
  • MB-Lab has new version numbering scheme. Last number for dev purposes
  • Sliders are now highlighted
  • GUI update
  • MBLab Pupil use Diffuse Node instead of Emission
  • SSS Radius changed to more accurate values
  • Freckles now include two colors

Bug Fixes

  • Poses don't show when user selects IK model
  • Preserve Phenotype random function code fix
  • Typo: Hands_Lenght, fixed in transformation and measurements JSON
  • Typo: Various names in transformation files fixed
  • Hair Dynamics bug fix for Nvidia GPU cards

Known Issues

  • MB-Dev tools may contain bugs that are unknown at this time

ManuelBastioniLAB 1.6.1a

We are including this for historical purposes as the website, videos and social media accounts are offline.

The version 1.6.1a of ManuelbastioniLAB, the free and open source character editor for Blender, is still available for download at Direct download: