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All genre-based achievements have 4 levels. Count-based badges have 12 levels, and score-based have 3 pseudo-levels. There are some other special badges awarded for achieving something big. In total, we have over 100 images that make you want to watch more anime or read more manga.

If you're curious about titles that count towards certain badges, read these files, but note that some genre-based achievements have their title list generated automatically from genres on These can also have additional titles added manually, to fill up genre holes left by (e.g. sequel to a historical anime isn't tagged as such).

Thresholds for manga/anime genres are 1.5/3% of titles (up to 25/50) for level 1, 3/6% (up to 50/100) for level 2, 6/12% (up to 100/200) for level 3 and 12/24% (up to 200/400) for the maximum level.

Anime achievements

Dementia and Psychological

Awarded for watching Dementia or Psychological anime.

What exactly did I just watch?

You discovered a whole new world of weird. Keep on watching.

My mind is full of fu**

Your attempt to wrap your mind around this failed completely.

Is this the real life?

It has become hard to distinguish between reality and fiction.

「 Wired Sound 」

You've seen too much. You've transcended humanity and operate on another level now.



Awarded for watching anime with manly men.

So manly I can't breathe

Watching all those men made you feel like a little girl... and you liked it.

Testosterone storm

Your body has adapted into GAR anime. You can hear your muscles growing.

You are already man

Resistance is futile. People are simply no match for you.

Alpha Male

You aren't made out of testosterone. Testosterone is made out of you.



Awarded for watching Historical anime.

History class

History doesn't have to be boring. There's a lot to learn.

A look at passing time

Instead of dreaming of the future, you prefer to look back at the past.


You have learned that sometimes going further just isn't worth it. And yet you try.

Time machine

Kids these days are boring. You'd rather watch something heartwarming about siblings catching fireflies.


Horror and Thriller

Awarded for watching Horror or Thriller anime.

Paranoia fuel

It's not like you needed to sleep tonight, anyway.

Too many teeth

You know something is following you. You just don't know what.

Extreme phobia

You are terrified; you are transfixed.

Flowers of flesh and blood

It's far too late, now.


Mahou Shoujo

Awarded for watching anime with magical girls.

Signed the contract

Became a magical girl and started saving the world, step by step.

Magic is my middle name

Transformed into a magical girl: level two. In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!

Too magical to comprehend

Watched so many mahou shoujo anime that you sparkle occasionally.

Are you a wizard?

All limiters removed. You can call yourself a god, a wizard, or whatever you wish. You set the rules.



Awarded for watching Mecha anime.

Me? PILOT this thing?!

A secret organization wants you to pilot a huge mecha. Can you do it?


After watching over 59 mecha anime you should be able to build your own mobile suit. Remember not to kill the rest of us.


Having watched over 118 mecha anime, you've probably became a robot already. Nice job, hero.

Pierce the HEAVENS!

Do the impossible. See the invisible. ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH! You just sang that in your head, didn't you?



Awarded for watching Music anime.

Gettin' your keys on!

You don't know what you've just listened to, but you like it.

This is even better live

Proudly display the badges you have earned in the fancafe.

Dreaming of the city

Your musical knowledge has expanded so much you are tempted to make a career out of it.

Hall of Fame

The stage is now your second home.



Awarded for watching Mystery anime.

Growing suspicions

It's suspicious because nothing looks suspicious, and if it looks suspicious from the start it's obviously suspicious.

Detective's assistant

Now it's your business to know what other people don't know too.

Genius detective

You're already a genius at unraveling mysteries... but how is it possible that everywhere you go someone ends up dead?

Golden Truth

You can solve any mystery by now. The path to the Golden Land has already been revealed to you.



Awarded for watching Romance anime.


I'll stalk you so hard you won't notice me for 24 episodes. Why don't you love me yet?

Unrequited love

If you won't confess, they'll never know how you feel. But don't bother if you're the best girl - these never win.

Sparkles and bubbles

Every time you two get close you feel butterflies in your stomach. Now kiss.

Heart full of love

So many romance anime! You surely are an expert in relationships already.


Slice of Life

Awarded for watching Slice of Life anime.

Normal high school boy

Got started into the furious ride with slice-of-life anime.

cute × ( girls + things )

Didn't get bored of watching cute girls doing cute things. As if that's possible.

Enjoying life

Found the equilibrium between boring and interesting.

Prima Undine

Awarded Ph.D. degree in slice-of-life-ology. You can teach others how to stay calm and take it easy.



Awarded for watching Space anime.

3... 2... 1... Liftoff!

You've taken one small step for man, not such a giant leap for mankind.

The Earth looks so small from up here

You're finally outside the atmosphere, but there's still a lot to explore.

Interstellar traveler

You've traveled vast interstellar distances and seen many galaxies in your way.

Emperor of the Universe

You're the ruler of the whole Universe. There's no one with more power than you.



Awarded for watching Sports anime.


You've held your own in the ring, time to go all the way.

Get your head in the game

The odds are against you, time to get in the zone.

Welcome to the Big Leagues

There's no stopping you, just one final push.


First across the finish line, great job!


Boku no Pico

One level. Is it the highest, or the lowest possible level a person can achieve? You decide.

Feels... weird, man

Watched Boku no Pico. This is what you get when you follow /a/'s recommendations.


Studio Ghibli

Awarded for watching 15+ anime from Studio Ghibli.


Once you've seen them, you can never forget them.


Old anime

Awarded for watching 25+ old anime (finished in 1980 at most).

VHS master race

You overwrote my cartoons with The Karate Kid?! MOOOM!



Awarded for watching anime classics (finished between 1981 and 2000).

Cassette tape

The first time you watched these, you didn't even know what they were.

Solid color

Bomber jackets, high-waisted jeans, an overload of patterns, and bishies everywhere.

It's raining... tragic backstories!

It might be the nostalgia lens, but you swear things had more substance back then.


Man, do you feel old as all hell.


Long runner

Awarded for watching 25+ anime that are 100+ episodes long.

I like them long

Didn't fall asleep while watching long anime series. 100 episodes isn't a big deal to you.



Awarded for watching anime with episode length of under 15 minutes.

Blink, and you'll miss it

It was over before it started, but it managed to tell an enticing tale.

Quickie addict

You've been saying "one more" for the past nine hours.

Block by block

Just like in a game of tetris, you're building something great out of small pieces.

Short but gold

You have learned that some of the greatest things come in small packages.



Are you a pervert? There's a formula: 100 ÷ anime completed × (ecchi anime completed × 2 + hentai anime completed × 4)

I watch anime only for the plot...

It's not your fault that there is so much fan service... Right?

Only accidents! I swear!

Physics in anime are incredible. When you trip, you always cop a feel.

Hentai Overlord

No use denying it! You know what you are...


Mean score

Related to mean anime score.

I love Chinese cartoons

Mean anime score higher than 8.5. How about using the whole scale and re-rating stuff? That could make you look less like a fanboy...

Watching anime is suffering

Mean anime score lower than 5. Someone has to counterweigh the fanboys, right?

Less than three

Mean anime score lower than 3. Is it hate, or is it love?


No drop

50+ completed, zero dropped.


You've managed to survive watching so many anime without dropping any of them. You masochist.


Total number completed

No living being should be able to get to 10k.

The first step

Watched 100 anime. Congratulations, you broke the magical number. Take a breath now, it will only get more difficult.

Casual watcher

Watched 200 anime. You're used to seeing character's eyes bigger than their nose. If they have any nose.

A millionaire

Watched 300 anime. You DID buy all of them, right?

Bragging rights

Watched 400 anime. That's... a lot. You can be proud of yourself, that's for sure.

A lot of free time

Watched 500 anime. Now pause, take a breath and stretch a bit. Remember not to sit too close to the screen.

Not even my final form

Watched 750 anime. Your power level is way above others'. The only way is up.

Gotta watch them all!

Watched 1000 anime. You should already know what that picture means.

The Collector

Watched 1500 animes. No, wait. The plural of anime is anime.

The Maniac

Watched 2500 anime. Is this healthy? You should contact your doctor.

The Legend

Watched 5000 anime. You're one of the chosen ones. You don't even have to brag, since everyone heard about you.

Database Breaker

Watched 7.5 × 10³ anime. Are you having fun, breaking all the rules? By the way, since when do we have that many anime in the database?!

This is it

Watched 10000 anime. There is no higher level. You can stop now. Everyone, go home.


Manga achievements


Awarded for reading Horror manga.



Lovely smile of a psychopath

You can't spell slaughter without laughter.

What have I become?

Sweetheart, something's wrong with your make up...

Heart attack

Not all surprises are pleasant, but it looks like you love being scared.


Mahou Shoujo

Awarded for reading manga with magical girls.

Let me lift that curse

If you wish hard enough, you can become a magical girl in the blink of an eye.

Conflict Breaker

Fighting hardly solves any problems. There are better ways to live our lives.

Aim for the top

Even if you work alone, never forget your friends who helped you overcome all fears.

Complete control

Read over 20 mahou shoujo manga. At this level magic circles form around you at will.



Awarded for reading Mystery manga.


If it is you who is curious, no case shall remain unsolved.


No matter who the villain is... you WILL find out the answers.

Collecting the pieces

Sometimes the smallest bit of information can turn the whole case around.

Raw intuition

Investigative skills honed up. You know the answers just by looking at mere shards of data.



Awarded for reading Romance manga.

Mixed feelings

98% hatred, 2% love. Give it some time and these two will reverse.

Love me or die

Yandere is a form of love too. A rather extreme one, but still!

Breaking the chains

With love, nothing is impossible. You just have to let someone break you free of restrictions.

Heart that never stops beating

When I see you, my kokoro goes doki-doki and the sekai starts to spin around. How could I live without you?



Awarded for reading Sports manga.

The stakes are high

Joined the game for real. The more you read, the more addictive it gets.

Do you even read?

Even during the most exhausting excercise you still find time to read. Can't miss a chapter.

Got balls

Looking at all this struggling inspires you to become strong yourself.

Kuro Basket

You know the rules of all games already. The podium is yours!


Vampires and Demons

Awarded for reading Vampires or Demons manga.

Sweet tooth

Donuts? Really? You lived for 500 years just to eat them?


Some creatures prefer juicy fruits instead of sucking blood or eating raw meat. Weaklings.


Don't mess with me if you want to keep your limbs attached to your body.

Pure Evil

EVIL!!! FANGS! DEMONS! BLOOD! Yeah. That's the stuff.


Yaoi and Shounen Ai

Awarded for reading Yaoi or Shounen Ai manga.

Inner fujoshi awakened

I was just taking a peek in this manga I accidentally found... and surprisingly liked it.

Not a day without BL

It's already too late to stop and turn back, just remember to watch your back while reading.

Yaoi detector

I don't care! I ship it!

Full Fledged Fujoshi

Yaoi isn't just a genre to you anymore, it's a way of life.


Yuri and Shoujo Ai

Awarded for reading Yuri or Shoujo Ai manga.

But that's forbidden love

Cute girls doing cute things... right?

I kissed a girl...

...and I liked it!

All female school

There are only girls here to love... but I don't mind it.


You feel it everywhere.


Old manga

Awarded for reading 25+ old manga (finished in 1980 at most).

At the end of the galaxy

Your never-ending journey for the most forgotten comic books has finally paid off.


Long runner

Awarded for reading 25+ manga that are 15+ volumes long.

Long runner

The best stories can't be told in less than 25 volumes.



Are you a pervert? There's a formula: 100 ÷ manga completed × (ecchi manga completed × 2 + hentai manga completed × 4)

I peek just a little

Wait a minute, this wasn't the men's bath?

We need a blood donor here

Even if I die from blood loss, I just can't stop...


What do you mean that I am a pervert? I am THE pervert!


Mean score

Related to mean manga score.

So good I can't handle it

Mean manga score above 8.5. Looks like you only pick the best titles to read.

Professional Critic

Mean manga score below 5. Watch out, we got a critic over here.

Best I can do is 2

Mean manga score below 3. Aren't you a bit too harsh?


No drop

50+ completed, zero dropped.

I've seen some sh**

Despite seemingly endless suffering, you've never dropped any manga. That's impressive.


Total number completed

No living being should be able to get to 10k.

Casual reader

Read 100 manga. Looks like reading doesn't hurt.


Read 200 manga. Sitting in your comfortable chair, reading favorite Korean comics. This is bliss.

Dat scent

Read 300 manga. There's nothing better than the smell of freshly opened book. Or a PDF.

Where do I put these?

Read 400 manga. Consider investing in another bookshelf, or you'll be swimming in books soon.

Half a grand

Read 500 manga. Now think of what kind of person you'd be if you didn't start reading manga then. On that particular day...

Read or die

Read 750 manga. You managed to make a bow out of paper, but remember that cellulose fibers don't work well as a bulletproof shield.


Read 1000 manga. You work with books, right? Right?

The floor is books

Read 1500 manga. Sleeping on books must be pretty... hard?

Still not enough

Read 2500 manga. In search for the perfect story you've read six lifetimes worth of words. Did you find it?

Sleep deprivation

Read 5000 manga. Think of all the mangakas and writers that couldn't sleep just to make this moment happen.


Read 7500 manga. How, exactly? This is not possible for normal humans.

I've seen it all

Read 10000 manga. Ten. Thousand. Manga. An average user's list is shorter than your list of titles starting with "A" alone.