A C#.NET based suite for calculating message digests and performing encryption and decryption.
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Author: Anirudh Ranganath
Licence: Free to fork/modify/distribute/commercialize. 

Tool envisioned to be maintained as portable without installation.

Project Last modified: 04-02-2012 (dd-mm-yyyy)
README modification: 04-02-2012 (dd-mm-yyyy)
Opened and added to git/github on(official birth): 04-02-2012 (dd-mm-yyyy)
Last code modification: 04-02-2012 (dd-mm-yyyy)
Last functionality addition: 28-11-2010 (dd-mm-yyyy)

This is a winform based suite for
1) Calculating Message digests (currently only md5)
2) Encryption and Decryption (currently only DES)

To be done (wishlist): 
1) Test file size limits for md5
2) Add sha and other digest mechanisms
3) The DES currently works only for text files. Generalize it. 
4) Implement the other crypo algorithms (bf and aes, 3des option can be removed).
5) Clean up the code. The tool was built in the span of a few hours by a junior year student. Tremendous amount of bad code exists including atrocious use of try catch. Clean up needs to be done.

The author (Anirudh) will not work on this till June 2012 (tentative).