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Collect the images

Clone and unzip the repository.

Collect your pictures. You will need 2 or more pictures for every person.

The first folder should be structured as follows.

Name: training-data
Contents: 1 sub folder per person.

	Sub folder 1:
		Name: s1
		Content: Pictures labeled 1.jpg,2.jpg etc.
	Sub folder 2:
		Name: s2
		Content: Pictures labeled 1.jpg,2.jpg etc.

The second folder should be structured as follows.

	Name: test-data
	Contents: Two test pictures, named test1.jpg and test2.jpg

Editing the code

Their are 2 programs in the repository, "" and" The first one, "", will train a model to detect the specific face. The second one, "" will be using that model to find faces.

In "" you will need to change the subjects = ["","subject1","subject2"] Replace "subject1" and "subject2" with the names of the people in the images and add more items to the list if needed. (So if you have 6 people, the code could say subjects = ["","Bob","Mike","Bill","Chip","Joe","Billy"]) Do the same for "".

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