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Book Donation System


"Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself" help others get it.
Hello and Welcome!!
I thank whoever is perusing this, having removed some time from their valuable timetable so I thank you for visiting Book Donation System project repository
This document (the README file) is a hub to give you some information about the project.

What I am doing (And why?)

The problem

  • Many schools in mountain/remote and rural areas of Nepal having no access to books they need.
  • Many students from rural areas of Nepal can't afford the books they need on time.
  • Many students after completing particular standard in school(eg. 10th standard) doesn't use the books and keep it simply that can be utilized and that will be helpful for others.
  • No legitimate stage to satisfy prerequisites of various schools.
  • Numerous people may have books that are not any more valuable to them however that could be helpful to other people.

The solution

Book Donation System will:
  • Provide individuals/NGOs/Schools a platform where they will be able to request books from individuals/NGOs/Schools.
  • Allow anyone to register as donor/receiver so that books they have can be utilized properly.
  • Allow the user to see who is available to donate the books and how far they're from their place.
  • Allow users to create a club and donate books in bulk to particular NGOs or schools and get appreciations from this platform and many more.

    This project is not country based I mean I am not building it for only my country but it can be used by anyone across the globe and it will be completely free to use.

Who am I?

The founder of the Book Donation System is Anish Ansari(me) and I am working on it very hard to make it happen. So I am Anish Ansari from Nepal and I am in my final year of computer science and engineering. know more about me Here
I would love to have you on this project if you are really interested and if you think you can help educate needy

What I need?

You! maybe someone you know could help or anyone who could help in whatever way.

  • I need expertise in app development, UI/UX designer to assist me with my UI design, Backend developer for creating the structure of the database.
  • Volunteers who can help me with the promotion of this project.
  • Volunteers to connect me with NGOs/Schools.
  • Experts who can help me and assist me throughout the project.
  • Would love to have your feedback if you could then that will be a great contribution from your side.

How can you get involved?

If you think you can help in any of the areas listed above(Sure you can :)) or in any of the many areas that I haven't yet thought of then You're welcome. I would like to request you to go through followings before contributing anything to this project.

Get in touch

If you want to report a problem or suggest an enhancement or want to help me on this project in any way then please contact me

Thank You

Thank you so much for visiting the project and I truly believe that you'll join me on this project and help educate people and make the world a better place.


  • README file: a document that introduces an open project to the public and any potential contributors
  • Roadmap: a document outlining the schedule of work to be done on a project
  • repository or repo: a collection of documents related to project, in which you create and save new code or content
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