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Plugin Description
apt-get Install and upgrade apt-get packages
asdf Install asdf plugins
brew Install brew and caskroom packages + brewfile support
brewfile Install brew dependencies, bundle style
yaourt Install packages with yaourt (Arch)
pacaur Install and upgrade pacman and AUR packages with pacaur
yay Install packages with yay (Arch)
pip Install pip and pipsi dependencies
xbps Install and upgrade packages with xbps (Void Linux)
rust Install Rust, rustup components, and other Rust software using Cargo
sync Synchronize files using rsync, optionally amending file permissions
eopkg Install packages with eopkg (Solus)
aptget Install and upgrade apt-get packages (with some love to apt python module)
yum Install and update yum packages
go Install and update GoLang packages
vscode Install, Uninstall, Sync extensions of Visual Studio Code
duti Instant customization of file associations (macOS)
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