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After cloning this repo, run install to automatically set up the development environment. Note that the install script is idempotent: it can safely be run multiple times.

For the color scheme to look right, you will also need terminal-specific support. The configuration for that is located in dotfiles-local.

Dotfiles uses Dotbot for installation.

Making Local Customizations

You can make local customizations for some programs by editing these files:

  • vim : ~/.vimrc_local
  • emacs : ~/.emacs_local
  • zsh : ~/.zshrc_local_before run before .zshrc
  • zsh : ~/.zshrc_local_after run after .zshrc
  • git : ~/.gitconfig_local
  • hg : ~/.hgrc_local
  • tmux : ~/.tmux_local.conf


Copyright (c) 2013-2017 Anish Athalye. Released under the MIT License. See LICENSE.md for details.