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GaelScout 3.1

The ultimate VEX data visualization tool. You can visit GaelScout here.

What is GaelScout?

VexDB contains data on 29000+ teams. Only 9000 participate in this year's In The Zone season. GaelScout has filtered all this data to create not only an index of teams, but has them ranked based on the percentiles of their Offensive Point Ratings and their Max Scores at tournaments. This allows one to rank themselves on a global basis based on their data.

What features does GaelScout have?

GaelScout contains an index of all the teams participating in the VEX In The Zone 2017-2018 season. Here, it contains percentiles of these teams, based off of all the teams. It also contains a division index of all the teams in the Worlds 2018 Research Division, with their average OPRs and Max Scores and percentiles for these scores. It also contains their average ranks at previous tournaments. The percentiles for these teams are out of all the teams in the Research Division, so they can be ranked in order to determine the greatest team according to data. Each of these teams has a dashboard where their recent scores are pulled from VexDB live and shown in bar graphs in order to make it easier to understand how their scores have fluctuated, and whether they are consistent. If a team is in the Research Division, the dashboard also contains a list of all their matches with links to alliances as well as a prediction for their wins and losses. The matches page contains a list of all matches in the research division, with links to the team dashboards and predictions for these matches. The match number links to a short dashboard of the match with information about the teams participating. The rankings page uses these predicted wins and losses to predict rankings at the event. Finally, the SRI page or Score Rating Index page has a scatter plot with all 9000+ In The Zone teams with their (offensive point rating, max score).

What can GaelScout be used for?

GaelScout is meant to help individual teams during scouting. It can help them see what matches they have and what matches their alliances and opponents have so that they can watch them early on and gain an understanding of how their robots work. Since it also ranks teams among each other, it can help during alliance selection as it shows how they are compared to other teams. The need for this tool came in VEX Worlds 2018, when eliminations first consisted of 16 alliances with 2 teams each, where each round was a best of one match. Since we, 5327B, had never seen many teams in our division, we decided that we needed to understand and familiarize ourselves with them by using the existing data.

What makes GaelScout different from VexDB and Robot Events?

GaelScout has proved incredibly useful to team 5327B. Although VexDB and Robot Events are databases that store great amounts of data on teams, they often do not help in making conclusions about teams. GaelScout brings all this data together and makes it relevant by linking team data to tournament data and by ranking teams by percentiles so that their data can be compared. It also puts all match information in one place so that teams can easily just look at their own matches. By visualizing data using radial graphs, scatter plots, and bar graphs, users can understand how teams are compared to other teams and whether they are consistent. GaelScout is a tool rather than databases like VexDB and RobotEvents.


  • Create an input area for links after which tournaments are processed
  • Add live updating for actual tournament rankings