A curated list of resources by the snõwkit collective (http://snowkit.org/)
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Awesome snõwkit

Table of Contents

snõwkit resources

A curated list of resources for the snõwkit collective.

snowkit is a collective, a group of libraries, tools and developers with a common set of goals toward a high quality eco system, for the Haxe toolkit.



  • snowkit docset: Offline API documention for snow, luxe, Gesluxe, Nape and the Haxe Standard Library




  • snowfall: Simple tool to install and update luxe + snow more conveniently (see blog post).


  • gif: A GIF format encoder without any dependencies.
  • gifcapture: A threaded GIF capture recording helper.

Editor Support

Sublime Text


flõw resources

flow is a project based build tool for Haxe, taking a simple json based project description and converting it into a usable application, complete with icons, file templating, binary compression, built in server and more.


Editor Integrations


  • Using Hooks: Using hooks to set up scripts to run before/after flow

snõw resources

snow is a free, open source light, pure and clean toolkit for building frameworks, applications and games using Haxe, targeting native platforms and web browser.



  • BabylonHx: A direct port of Babylon.js 3D engine to snow.
  • tusk: A game engine built on top of snõw
  • ChopEngine: A Haxe cross-platform 3D game engine built on top of snow and Lime.
  • GPU-Fluid-Experiments: Cross-platform GPU fluid simulation.
  • snow-8: A CHIP-8 emulator.
  • snowhxt: A convenience for using hxtelemetry with flow/snow based apps quickly.
  • ceramic: Minimal and portable cross-platform 2D game/multimedia engine.

luxe resources

luxe is a high level, rapid development game engine for deploying games or applications across Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and WebGL.




  • luxeTpl: A state-centric template for the Luxe Engine.
  • GreenTemplate: Template for quickly prototyping Luxe games.
  • Luxe Template: Template for games made with the Luxe engine.
  • LD Template: Simple Luxe template for Ludum Dare.
  • Luxe Boilerplate: Simple boilerplate setup for new Luxe projects.
  • _empty: Default empty project folder.
  • LD Template: Ludum Dare template project for Luxe.
  • Luxe Base: Template for Luxe game jam games including a gamepad setup screen.



Game Jams

Bacon Jam

Ludum Dare 31

Ludum Dare 32

GBJam 4

Ludum Dare 33

Ludum Dare 34

Global Game Jam 2016

LOWREZ Jam 2016

  • LZRS: A laser-dodging game.

Ludum Dare 35

Simple Jam

One Button Jam

365 Indies Jam

Ludum Dare 36

  • Four: Puzzle game where you need to collect all elements to complete the level. Source (GitHub)


Procedural Generation Jam 2016

Ludum Dare 37

  • Battle Room: Battle room where two players duke it out in local multiplayer.

Global Game Jam 2017

Ludum Dare 38

Ludum Dare 39

  • Airship Climb: Collect fuel to “don’t run out of climbing power”. Source (GitHub)
  • Laser Dodgy: Run around and collect all of the little powerup squares to go through the green warp square for the next level!
  • RESISTANCE: You play as a resistor-wielding LED fighting for energy. Fight enemies and collect batteries to keep your energy levels high. Source (GitHub)


  • slower than light: Explore your derelict ship, try to warp out of danger, or stand and fight and try not to blow up.

Jogabili Jam 2

Summer Slow Jams June 2018

Summer Slow Jams August 2018: Parody Games

  • Pongish: It's Pong, sort of! You can't actually miss, though, because the ball always seeks the player.


  • Slush Generator: Tool for generating new luxe projects, states, entities, components and more
  • Parcel Generator: Tool for auto-generating a parcel.json-file from a directory
  • Yeoman Generator: Tool for generating luxe projects, states, entities and components



  • Gesluxe: Gesture library.
  • Rainbow: Text coloring/sizing per character.
  • Rainbow*: Updated fork of Rainbow.
  • Behavior Trees: Behavior Tree implementation with Luxe sample.
  • Maze Generator: Library of algorithms for generating mazes.
  • L-System: Lindenmayer system for generating trees.
  • WhuopLib: A set of helper classes, such as loading Entities/Sprites from json.
  • Spatial Hash: Broad-phase algorithm for collision detection on uniform grids.
  • Pincushion: Vector game editor & animation tool. Test game for Pincushion.
  • hxGameJolt: Game Jolt API for Haxe users. Includes Luxe example.
  • DConsole: In-game drop-down console that provides runtime acess to methods, variables and more.
  • gessie: Gesture recognition library with support for Luxe and OpenFL.
  • SpriterHaxeEngine: Use animations from Brashmonkey's Spriter SCML in Luxe and OpenFL.
  • Luxe ASCII: ASCII Rendering for Luxe.
  • MpHx: A library that facilitates the creation of multiplayer games. Includes Luxe examples.
  • hxNoise: A collection of noise functions for Haxe. Includes Luxe examples.
  • Luxe Atlas: Runtime atlas/texture packer for Luxe.
  • EmojiKit: A prototyping tool that makes it easy to use emoji in games made with Luxe engine.
  • Overlap Runtime: Library for integrating Overlap2D scenes into Luxe.
  • Trog's Interactive Dialogue Engine: Interactive dialogue engine made for a 2D point'n'click adventure.
  • luxe gifcapture: A library to capture realtime gifs from luxe games.
  • oni: A text implementation supporting animations and colors.
  • clay: Entity-Component System and nodes for Luxe.
  • Gamepad Haxe: Simulates an analog joystick input using the keyboard. Support for different engines, e.g. luxe.
  • sparkler: Modular particle system for Luxe.
  • ecs: Experimental macro-powered Entity-Component-System game engine. Includes luxe sample game.




Released Games

  • 3720 (Mac/Windows, free¹): Space shooter/dodger from a pigsquad game jam.
  • Marballs (Mac/Windows, free¹): It's marbles, bumping into each other.
  • Zombie Shooter (Mac, free¹): An in-development top down shooter.
  • BYRL (Mac/Windows, free¹): Backyard roguelike.
  • Widgeteer (Web, free): Connect components to from complex machines. Uses Luxe and Mint.
  • profectus.4 (Android, free¹): Minimalistic geometry shooter.
  • Kung Fu Kid (Web/Linux, free¹): Retro arcade game inspired by the old classic "Kung Fu" on Arcade and multiple 8-bit machines.
  • Anchorverse (Windows/Linux/Source, free¹): Become a hero! Go save the Anchorverse!
  • Threes! (Web, free): Threes is tiny puzzle that grows on you.
  • Fargerfight Arque (Android/iOS/Source, free¹): Local-multiplayer smartphone violence.
  • The Westport Independent (Mac/Windows/Linux/Android/iOS, price depending on platform): A game about corruption and newspapers
  • Topsoil (Android/iOS, free with paid unlocks): Grow plants and work your garden’s soil.

¹ Name your own price (can be free).

hxsw resources

hxsw is Haxe Shader Wrangler, a string manipulation library, that offers a simple structured effect file format for managing variations of shaders, with line and directive injection and quasi pathing through an effect key.


mínt resources

mint is a game focused UI library with a focus on simplicitly and ease of use.


Blog Posts



  • mint-json: A JSON loading system for the Mint UI.

linc resources

linc is collection of libraries for the Haxe c++ target.


Blog Posts



Community Created

scrìbe resources

scribe is a documentation generator for the xml documentation files that Haxe outputs.


deviše resources

devise is a cross platform editor interface for building media content.