A set of scripts to help with common git workflow tasks for the Infinispan project. And other similar projects.
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This is a set of scripts that help perform some common tasks interacting with Infinispan's git repository setup, often causing contributors to fork an upstream repository and work off the fork, while keeping in sync with the upstream repo.

Scripts also exist to help project admins pull in contributions via pull requests.

While these scripts have been written for Infinispan, they can easily be adapted for use with other projects as well, that follow similar processes.


This directory contains scripts commonly used by contributors to Infinispan.


This script removes a topic branch after it has been pulled into upstream. This should be run on a local clone of your fork, and it removes the topic branch on your local clone as well as your remote fork.


$ remove_topic_branch t_ISPN-12345


This script synchronizes your release branches (master and 4.2.x) with upstream, pulling in new updates. Also, if you have any topic branches, these too will be rebased accordingly so that your topic branches are up to date. It must be run in the directory containing a local clone of your fork.

  • This script guesses which release branch your topic branches are based off, and rebases accordingly. The guess is based on scanning commit histories for common points. This is experimental!
  • For topic branches to be rebased, your topic branch name must start with t_. Edit the script to change this.


$ sync_with_upstream


This contains additional scripts used by project admins - folks with push privileges on the upstream repo - and would be used to supplement the scripts in contributors.


This script handles a pull request, and must be run in a local clone of upstream. (Not a clone of your personal fork!) It takes in some parameters:

  • URL or remote repository name
  • Topic branch name on remote repo
  • Release branch to merge into

This script pulls remote changes into a temporary branch, analyses log history, and cherry-picks new commits onto the release branch.

By default, the script does not push to origin. Instead, it is up to you to now inspect the commit log, make changes if necessary (squash, edit, etc) and push to origin.

Alternatively, if called with the -p flag, the changes will be pushed to origin - but use this with care.
Only use -p for the simplest of changes you may be merging in.


$ handle_pull_request https://maniksurtani@github.com/maniksurtani/infinispan.git t_ISPN-1234 master
$ git log
$ git push origin master

or $ handle_pull_request vlads_repo t_ISPN-1234 master -p


This script, when run in a local clone of upstream, will pull down changes from upstream onto the release branches so you are in sync with other project admins.


$ update_release_branches

Name specific branches to update:

$ update_release_branches 4.2.x master


Very simple - copy the lot to ${HOME}/bin. The scripts are all written in BASH or Python and should be executable (chmod 755 ~/bin/*).

Windows users

If you use Windows, you may want to make sure git doesn't detect permission changes and mistake them as updates to the file. Please see this link on tips on fixing this. Thanks to Dan Berindei for contributing this tip


These scripts are open source and released under the BSD License. See the accompanying LICENSE.txt file for details, or read this human readable form.