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Queue App

Simple app to manage the queue system at councils' receptions

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine. See Installation notes how to install the project on a live system.


What things you need

- Apache
- PHP >= 5.0


Follow the instructions to set up the app

Step 1:

Download the app on your computer and upload it to your server.
Or setup a local server on your computer

Step 2:

Open your MySQL database (or create one), and import the file 'queue_app.sql' to create the table
needed by the app to run.

Step 3:

Open the file '' and change the database settings with your settings
(Just replace 'your_server_name', 'your_database_name', 'your_username_here', 'your_password_here')

Step 4:

Once server, database, and '' file are setup, head to your 'queue app'
root folder and if everything was setup correctly, the app will run automatically.

Alt text

You can see an up and running version here

Built With

  • Bootstrap - CSS framework
  • jQuery - Javascript Library
  • JSON - Data-interchange format
  • PHP - Server scripting language
  • MySQL - SQL Database



  • I choose to develop this app just using HTML/CSS, PHP and Javascript, and MySQL as database to save any data.

  • It's specific for the customer request, and simple enough to avoid the use of a CMS, or any other platform.

  • For further information send me an email

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