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Mentorship System (Android)

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Mentorship System is an application that allows women in tech to mentor each other, on career development topics, through 1:1 relations for a certain period.

This is the Android client for the Mentorship System.


  • A member gets an option to be a Mentor, Mentee or Both.
  • A member can build/customise the app profile with username, bio, skills, interests, location, occupation, etc. anytime.
  • A member can view a list of other members and search for a member on the Members Page
  • A member can either send mentorship requests to other members as a Mentor or Mentee according to their interests or reject mentorship requests from other members.
  • A member can track the number of Pending Resquests, Accepted Requests, Rejected Requests, and Completed Requests and view Recent Achievements on the Home Page.
  • A member can view the details of pending, past, all the mentorship reqests in the Requests Page.
  • A member can create, update, or delete tasks in their current mentorship relation.
  • A member can send feedback about the Mentorship System such as reporting a bug, giving suggestions or other comments.
  • A member can delete their account.
  • A member can change their account password anytime.

Setting up the project

To setup the project locally read these wiki pages and follow the instructions:


Please read our Contributing guidelines, Code of Conduct and Reporting Guidelines

Please follow our Commit Message Style Guide while sending PRs.

Running the unit tests

To run the existing unit tests follow the steps given below:

  • Connect your Android device or open the emulator.
  • On the terminal type: ./gradlew clean build connectedAndroidTest --stacktrace
  • If the above command is not working try using the command: gradlew clean build connectedAndroidTest --stacktrace
  • Wait until all the tests are completed.
  • You will get a report generated with a test summary.
  • See the complete report ./mentorship-android/app/build/reports/androidTests/connected/index.html
  • The report ./mentorship-android/app/build/reports/androidTests/connected/index.html will show all the testsuites that have passed as well as failed.
  • To get a more detailed explanation about the tests of a particular testsuite visit respective html file of the testsuite . For e.g.: org.systers.mentorship.LoginActivityTest.html will contain the results of all the tests run under that particular testsuite.
  • You can find the respective html files of the different testsuites under the heading classes in index.html report .


To learn more about this app you can look at this project's wiki.

Check out the design history at User Interface Design.

Our tech stack includes:

  • Language: Kotlin
  • Architecture: Model View ViewModel (MVVM)
  • Libraries: Retrofit, RxJava, ViewModel, LiveData, DataBinding


The repository has the following permanent branches:

  • master This contains the code which has been released.

  • develop This contains the latest code. All the contributing PRs must be sent to this branch. When we want to release the next version of the app, this branch is merged into the master branch.

  • apk This branch contains the apks for the code in the develop branch. The apks are automatically updated when a commit is pushed to develop branch.


Splashscreen SignUp Screen Login Page
Home Page Profile Page Edit Profile Page
Relations Page Tasks Page Members Page
Member Profile Send Request Page Requests Page
Settings Screen About Page Change Password Page


You can reach our community at Open Source Zulip.

We use #mentorship-system stream on Zulip to discuss this project and interact with the community. If you're interested in contributing to this project, join us there!


Mentorship System is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Learn more about it in the LICENSE file.


Mentorship System is an application that matches women in tech to mentor each other, on career development, through 1:1 relations during a certain period of time. This is the Android application of this project.





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