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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Thu Mar 22 18:33:13 2012
@author: Anita
from __future__ import absolute_import
from builtins import str
from datetime import timedelta
from .timelayer import TimeLayer, InvalidTimeLayerError, NotATimeAttributeError
from . import time_util
from . import conf
class TimeRasterLayer(TimeLayer):
def __init__(self, settings, iface=None):
TimeLayer.__init__(self, settings.layer, settings.isEnabled)
self.layer = settings.layer
self.fromTimeAttribute = settings.startTimeAttribute
self.toTimeAttribute = settings.endTimeAttribute if settings.endTimeAttribute != "" else self.fromTimeAttribute
self.timeFormat = self.determine_format(settings.startTimeAttribute, settings.timeFormat)
self.offset = int(settings.offset)
except NotATimeAttributeError as e:
raise InvalidTimeLayerError(str(e))
def hasSubsetStr(self):
return False
def accumulateFeatures(self):
return False
def getTimeAttributes(self):
"""return the tuple of timeAttributes (fromTimeAttribute,toTimeAttribute)"""
return (self.fromTimeAttribute, self.toTimeAttribute)
def getTimeFormat(self):
"""returns the layer's time format"""
return self.timeFormat
def getOffset(self):
"""returns the layer's offset, integer in seconds"""
return self.offset
def getTimeExtents(self):
"""Get layer's temporal extent using the fields and the format defined somewhere else!"""
startStr = self.fromTimeAttribute
endStr = self.toTimeAttribute
startTime = time_util.str_to_datetime(startStr, self.getTimeFormat())
endTime = time_util.str_to_datetime(endStr, self.getTimeFormat())
# apply offset
startTime += timedelta(seconds=self.offset)
endTime += timedelta(seconds=self.offset)
return (startTime, endTime)
def setTimeRestriction(self, timePosition, timeFrame):
"""Constructs the query, including the original subset"""
if not self.timeEnabled:
startTime = timePosition + timedelta(seconds=self.offset)
endTime = timePosition + timeFrame + timedelta(seconds=self.offset)
layerStartTime = time_util.str_to_datetime(self.fromTimeAttribute, self.getTimeFormat())
layerEndTime = time_util.str_to_datetime(self.toTimeAttribute, self.getTimeFormat())
self.hideOrShowLayer(startTime, endTime, layerStartTime, layerEndTime)
def hideOrShowLayer(self, startTime, endTime, layerStartTime, layerEndTime):
if layerStartTime < endTime and layerEndTime >= startTime:
# if the timestamp is within the extent --> show the raster
else: # hide the raster
def hide(self):
def show(self):
def deleteTimeRestriction(self):
"""The layer is removed from Time Manager and is therefore always shown"""
def hasTimeRestriction(self):
"""returns true if current layer.subsetString is not equal to originalSubsetString"""
return True # self.layer.subsetString != self.originalSubsetString
def getSaveString(self):
"""get string to save in project file"""
delimiter = conf.SAVE_DELIMITER
return delimiter.join([self.getLayerId(), '', self.fromTimeAttribute, self.toTimeAttribute,
self.timeFormat, str(self.offset)])