Drop in analytics for your Web/Mobile/IOT application
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tQuesto Build Status

Drop in analytics for your Web/Mobile/IOT application

tQuesto makes it easy to integrate a powerfull analytics, monitoring and tracing system to your application with absolute minimum fuss. It is completely free to use/customize and always it will be.

Our primary goals are:

  • 5 core functionalities like Analytics, Events, Performance, Engagement and Compaigns in single application

  • Provide radically faster and widely accessible API's for your application

  • 100% customizable events in your application context

  • Beautiful dashboard with lots of graphs and visualization

  • Silk and smooth mobile application to see your data on finger tip

  • Absolutely no cost, True open source project

Installation and Getting started

  • Clone the source code from git@github.com:anitechcs/tquesto.git
  • CD into project directory cd tquesto
  • Create a Postgres database called tquestodb and update the db details in application.properties
  • Run mvn spring-boot:run to start the application
  • Open the browser and access the applicatin at http://localhost:8080
  • You can access Swagger Services docs at http://localhost:8080/swagger-ui.html

Useful Maven Commands

  • mvn spring-boot:run - To run the application
  • mvn package - To prepare the build
  • mvn clean - To clean the old build artifacts
  • mvn install - To download the libraries mentioned in pom.xml
  • mvn test - To run unit test cases

Run in Docker Container

mvn clean package -DskipTests docker:stop docker:build docker:run