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Deep Learning with Keras - Hands-on Workshop

What to expect:

This workshop is intended for an audience that is new to Keras.

Workshop Agenda:

Section 1:

  • Introduction to Keras
  • How to build and train a model using Keras APIs
  • Using Callbacks

Section 2

  • Building a CNN model using Keras Layers
  • Data augmentation with ImageGenerator
  • Feature extraction with pre-trained CNN model
  • Introduction to Fine Tuning

Section 3

  • Word Embeddings in Keras
  • Using pre-trained word embeddings with the Embedding layer
  • Introduction to RNN layers

Section 4

  • Workflow for solving Text Classification problems
  • Using a N-gram model
  • Using a Sequence model

Installation instructions

Required packages:

  • Install Anaconda and create an environment that you can use for this workshop.

  • Install TensorFlow. There is a section specific to installing TensorFlow in a conda environment.

  • Install Keras.

  • Install Pillow.

  • Install Pandas

  • Confirm that TensorBoard is installed.

Required Datasets:

  • Download the Cats Vs Dogs dataset from the Kaggle website. You will have to create an account if you don't have one already.

  • Download the GloVe pre-trained embedding from the GloVe website.

  • Download the IMDB dataset from this website

  • Download the Rotten Tomatoes reviews from the Kaggle website

Verify Installation:

  • git clone

  • Activate your conda environment

  • Start the Jupyter notebook by running "jupyter notebook"

  • Verify that you can run Keras and TensorFlow by running the "Verify Installation" jupyter notebook.

NOTE: During the workshop you will need to modify the data directory paths in the notebooks since you will be pointing to a local directory.


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