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Nocdn is an alternative to old-school CDNs

For the developers who wants to protect the privacy of their users, just put "nocdn.domain.tld/" between "https://" and the CDN. Per example, if you want to have a javascript file on, and, if you installed NoCDN on, the URL should be like this:

For an user, you can bind thoses old-school CDN to your instance. You can do it by editing the entries in your local resolver or editing your hosts file.

So each time you call for a CDN, the request will be handled by your instance, a big plus for privacy.

For now, we only support Javascript CDNs, we will do CSS CDNs in the future.

CDNs supported












Just download the script, check it and execute it:

wget -O /tmp/
less /tmp/
bash /tmp/


You can run NoCDN via Docker:

docker run -p 8080:80 --name nocdn -d luclu7/nocdn

License :

This project is under the MIT license, if you have any question, please contact a member of the team.

ToDo List :

  • Auto install script (in progress)
  • A Wiki (one day)


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