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Professional Website

Generator code using Pelican, for my professional web site. The website is re-built at every commit and re-deployed as Github Pages via Travis.

Local Testing

It is possible to locally test the web site before commit/pushing it back to GitHub (which will case the site to be re-compiled and re-deployed). I advise you to install a Conda-based environment for deployment with this command line:

$ conda env create -f env.yml
$ source activate site

To compile a new version of the website, first make sure your CV is up-to-date by rebuilding its repository, then do:

$ #this will fetch the latest version of the publications database
$ curl --create-dirs --output content/pages/publications/index.bib
$ #this will effectively create a static version of the website
$ pelican

To test the website, do:

$ ./ start 8000

Use the application to restart the server or stop it if necessary.


The application is provided by pelican-quickstart. You should regenerate it in case of problems.

Checking for dead links

It is possible to automatically check for dead links using the configuration option DEADLINK_VALIDATION, setting it to True in


Deployment is automatic, once you push a tag to github. Deployment instructions are stored in .travis.yml.


In order to deploy a publication, make sure to place the PDF of the publication at Idiap, on your account, folder ~/public/papers. The name of the PDF should match the BibTeX publication key entry identifier.