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A New Hive Web Interface



  • Seamless intergration with existing hive deployment
  • Save user queries in database
  • Save hive query result in hdfs
  • Show progress of queries
  • Summary info, such as cpu time, total time, saved time
  • Callback when hive query is completed
  • Download full result


  • Create crontabs to run queries automatically


Following frameworks are used:

How to use


$ git clone


$ cd hwi
$ mvn clean package war:war


$ mv ${HIVE_HOME}/lib/hive-hwi-x.jar ${HIVE_HOME}/lib/hive-hwi-x.jar.bak
$ mv ${HIVE_HOME}/lib/hive-hwi-x.war ${HIVE_HOME}/lib/hive-hwi-x.war.bak

$ cp target/hive-hwi-1.0.jar ${HIVE_HOME}/lib/hive-hwi-1.0.jar
$ cp target/hive-hwi-1.0.war ${HIVE_HOME}/lib/hive-hwi-1.0.war

**Pay attention!** Maybe you prefer not to simply overide conf/hive-site.xml

$ cp src/main/resources/hive-site.xml.template ${HIVE_HOME}/conf/hive-site.xml


$ hive --service hwi


Create Database

$ create database hive
$ create user 'hive'@'localhost' identified by password 'hive'
$ grant all on hive.* to 'hive'@'localhost'
$ flush privileges

config file

cp src/main/resources/hive-site.xml.template src/main/resources/hive-site.xml
vim src/main/resources/hive-site.xml

cp src/main/resources/hive-site.xml {$HIVE_HOME}/conf/
cp ~/.m2/repository/mysql/mysql-connector-java/5.1.22/mysql-connector-java-5.1.22.jar {$HIVE_HOME}/lib/

Install DataNucleus

  • install url is

Create Eclipse Configuration

$ mvn eclipse:eclipse

Import Hwi Maven Project

  1. eclipse import maven project
  2. please use java environment
  3. hwi project right click, DataNuclens => Add DataNuclens Support
  4. hwi project right click, DataNuclens => Enable Auto-Enhancement

run project

  1. hadoop fs -mkdir /user/hive/result
  2. use to run as java application
  3. you can open your browser, input "http://localhost:9999/hwi/"