Autocomplete suggestions based on what your users search
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Generate autocomplete suggestions based on what your users search

🍊 Battle-tested at Instacart

How It Works

Start with the most popular queries

top_queries ="LOWER(query)")
                    .having("COUNT(DISTINCT user_id) >= 5")
                    .count("DISTINCT user_id")
# {"bananas" => 353, "apples" => 213, ...

autosuggest =

Filter duplicates

Stemming is used to detect duplicates like apple and apples.

The most popular query is preferred by default. To override this, use:

autosuggest.prefer ["apples"]

To fix false positives, use:

autosuggest.not_duplicates [["straws", "straus"]]

Filter misspellings

We tried open-source libraries like Aspell and Hunspell but quickly realized we needed to build a corpus specific to our application.

There are two ways to build the corpus, which can be used together.

  1. Add words
autosuggest.parse_words Product.pluck(:name)

Use the min option to only add words that appear multiple times.

  1. Add concepts
autosuggest.add_concept "brand", Brand.pluck(:name)

Blacklist words

Profanity is blacklisted by default.

Add custom words with:

autosuggest.blacklist_words ["boom"]


Get suggestions with:


Filter queries without results and you’re set.

We also prefer to have someone manually approve them by hand.

Full Example

top_queries ="LOWER(query)")
                    .having("COUNT(DISTINCT user_id) >= 5")
                    .count("DISTINCT user_id")
product_names = Product.pluck(:name)
brand_names = Brand.pluck(:name)

autosuggest =
autosuggest.parse_words product_names
autosuggest.add_concept "brand", brand_names
autosuggest.prefer brand_names
autosuggest.not_duplicates [["straws", "straus"]]
autosuggest.blacklist_words ["boom"]

puts autosuggest.pretty_suggestions
# or
suggestions = autosuggest.suggestions


Add this line to your application’s Gemfile:

gem 'autosuggest'


  • try Jaro-Winkler for duplicates


Everyone is encouraged to help improve this project. Here are a few ways you can help: