Line chart with multiple series does not interpolate x axis data #310

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I have 2 series to plot on a line chart with no guarantee there are shared x axis values. How do I get the series to be super imposed over each other? I would expect the data on the x axis to be combined and not listed sequentially by series.

screen shot 2016-12-12 at 3 04 02 pm

Here is my sample code...

<%= line_chart [  {name: "2.0",   data: [[63,148],[56,101],[54,101],[29,89],[11,94]]},
                  {name: "1.0",   data: [[55,87],[31,44],[27,40],[7,11]]}
                xtitle: "Days away from launch", 
                ytitle: "Open Issues" 
ankane commented Dec 13, 2016

Hey @sschroed, Chartkick only knows 2 axis types at the moment: discrete (categorical) and datetime. It sounds like you want a numeric axis. I imagine all of the underlying libraries support this, so just a matter of someone coding this up.

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