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Exceptional PHP

The power of Exceptional for PHP

Super simple setup

require "path/to/exceptional.php";

You can turn off exception notifications by passing an empty string as the API key. This is great for development.

if (PHP_ENV == "production") {
  $api_key = "YOUR-API-KEY";
else {
  $api_key = "";


You can turn on SSL by setting the second parameter to true.

Exceptional::setup($api_key, true);

Filtering sensitive data

You can blacklist sensitive fields from being submitted to Exceptional:

Exceptional::blacklist(array('password', 'creditcardnumber'));

Exceptions and errors

Exceptional PHP catches both errors and exceptions. You can control which errors are caught. If you want to ignore certain errors, use error_reporting(). Here's a common setting:

error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE);  // ignore notices

Custom error and exception handlers are supported - see examples/advanced.php.

Fatal and parse errors are caught, too - as long the setup file parses correctly.

404 support

Add the following code to your 404 handler to track 404 errors:

throw new Http404Error();

Send extra data with your exceptions

$context = array(
    "user_id" => 1

See the Exceptional documentation for more details.

Controller + action support

You can include the controller and action names in your exceptions for easier debugging.

Exceptional::$controller = "welcome";
Exceptional::$action = "index";

Proxy server

You can send exceptions through proxy server (no support for authentication).

Exceptional::proxy($host, $port);