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First, thanks for wanting to contribute. You’re awesome! ❤️


We’re not able to provide support through GitHub Issues. If you’re looking for help with your code, try posting on Stack Overflow.

All features should be documented. If you don’t see a feature in the docs, assume it doesn’t exist.


Think you’ve discovered a bug?

  1. Search existing issues to see if it’s been reported.
  2. Try the master branch to make sure it hasn’t been fixed.
gem "searchkick", github: "ankane/searchkick"
  1. Try the debug option when searching. This can reveal useful info."something", debug: true)

If the above steps don’t help, create an issue.

  • Recreate the problem by forking this gist. Include a link to your gist and the output in the issue.
  • For exceptions, include the complete backtrace.

New Features

If you’d like to discuss a new feature, create an issue and start the title with [Idea].

Pull Requests

Fork the project and create a pull request. A few tips:

  • Keep changes to a minimum. If you have multiple features or fixes, submit multiple pull requests.
  • Follow the existing style. The code should read like it’s written by a single person.
  • Add one or more tests if possible. Make sure existing tests pass with:
bundle exec rake test

Feel free to open an issue to get feedback on your idea before spending too much time on it.

This contributing guide is released under CCO (public domain). Use it for your own project without attribution.