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First, thanks for wanting to contribute. You’re awesome! :heart:

## Questions
## Help

Use [Stack Overflow]( with the tag `searchkick`.
We’re not able to provide support through GitHub Issues. If you’re looking for help with your code, try posting on [Stack Overflow](

## Feature Requests
All features should be documented. If you don’t see a feature in the docs, assume it doesn’t exist.

Create an issue. Start the title with `[Idea]`.
## Bugs

## Issues

Think you’ve discovered an issue?
Think you’ve discovered a bug?

1. Search existing issues to see if it’s been reported.
2. Try the `master` branch to make sure it hasn’t been fixed.
@@ -32,6 +30,10 @@ If the above steps don’t help, create an issue.
- Recreate the problem by forking [this gist]( Include a link to your gist and the output in the issue.
- For exceptions, include the complete backtrace.

## New Features

If you’d like to discuss a new feature, create an issue and start the title with `[Idea]`.

## Pull Requests

Fork the project and create a pull request. A few tips:

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