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@@ -46,10 +46,6 @@ Does your company use Searchkick? Want free advising? Fill out [this application
- [Elasticsearch DSL](#advanced)
- [Reference](#reference)
**Searchkick 3.0 was recently released!** See [how to upgrade](docs/
Thinking of upgrading from Elasticsearch 5 to 6? [Read this first](#elasticsearch-5-to-6-upgrade)
## Getting Started
[Install Elasticsearch]( For Homebrew, use:
@@ -1910,6 +1906,10 @@ Searchkick.index_suffix = ENV["TEST_ENV_NUMBER"]
Check out [this great post]( on the [Apartment]( gem. Follow a similar pattern if you use another gem.
## Upgrading
See [how to upgrade to Searchkick 3](docs/
## Elasticsearch 5 to 6 Upgrade
Elasticsearch 6 removes the ability to reindex with the `_all` field. Before you upgrade, we recommend disabling this field manually and specifying default fields on your models.

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