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Anki deck for the words of the Duolingo course "Chinese for English speakers"
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Chinese Duolingo for English speakers.apkg

If you just want the words list, here it is.

Anki deck for Duolingo Chinese

Anki is a natural companion to Duolingo. Duolingo is good at introducing new grammar concepts and words, while Anki is good at making you remember them. Anki opens in less than a second, has no advertisements, works offline, is customizable, and only quizzes you on a word when you are about to forget it.

  1. Download the Anki apkg file.
  2. Open it in AnkiDroid, AnkiMobile, or Anki Desktop.
  3. Each day after using Duolingo, use Anki.

Help us fix mistakes

The deck contains mistakes, there is a lot of room for improvement. The good news: You can help. Here is how to do.

  1. Find a desktop computer.
  2. Create a Github account if you don't have one already.
  3. Install GitHub Desktop (if you are already familiar with Git, feel free to use your favorite Git tool instead).
  4. Fork this repository.
  5. Clone your forked repository. Be sure to clone YOUR own repository (with your name in the URL), not ours.
  6. Find the words.tsv and open it with a spreasheet program such as LibreOffice (free).
  7. Choose a content issue, fix it, and save the file.
  8. Commit the TSV file, then push.
  9. Go to and click the button "New pull request", then submit the pull request to us (tutorial about pull requests).
  10. We will review your contribution, merge it into our repository, and re-generate the apkg file. Thanks! :-)

Copyright rules

  • This deck contains only words, not sentences. The reason is that sentences can be considered as intellectual property, whereas a list of words can not. So, please do not add sentences from Duolingo or from elsewhere.
  • Do not copy English translations from any other source (and especially, not from Duolingo). Just simplify or fix the existing definitions.
  • Before you add anything to the TSV file, ask yourself whether it is open data or not, and make it clear in your commit message.


Huge thanks to Anish for creating the words list.

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