Mark Wesley
Mark Wesley Changes for the 1.0 SDK release (for the 2.0 app) (#145)
Added built-in 3D viewer / visualization support to SDK
Add 3D assets (OBJ models, MTL materials and JPG textures) for Cozmo and the 3 cubes, along with a license file.
Assets are packaged as part of the core SDK.
Added opengl class and run methods for providing a 3d visualizer for Cozmo includes:
Keyboard input to drive Cozmo via remote control
Displays navigation map, cubes, faces and custom objects in the world.
Added minimal example program to demonstrate 3d viewer usage.
Bumped min-clad version to 2.0
Lift position can now be queried as a ratio or angle (as well as existing height in distance)
pickup_furthest example now uses camera viewer by default, to match comments in the program
Update SDK versioning to "Production/Stable" from Beta (and updated all docs and images related to this)
Add support for optionally changing the resample mode when scaling images for annotation, can override default nearest-neighbor scaling with (more expensive, but smoother) bilinear filtering.
All "get_in_position" methods now move head and lift in parallel, not sequentially
Change default duration scalar for SayText action - changes to the underlying system mean that a sensible default speed is now 1.0 (not 1.8)
Add private, unused, undocumented ObstacleProx entry for nav memory map.
Fix typos in robot property doc strings.
Add optional variable to set_head_angle to allow warnings on head angle clamping to be suppressed. Used in which was triggering the warning a fair bit.
Add prints to to make it clearer when each animation plays
Change stack_or_roll to just print the number of cubes
Changed dock + roll cube examples to output the action result, and make it clearer when it was done searching for a cube
Updated quiz questions to use digits (instead of words) for numbers as new TTS system reads them reliably.
Latest commit fca97e8 Sep 13, 2017