Anki Drive SDK
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Anki Drive SDK

The Anki Drive SDK is a C implementation of the message protocols and data parsing routines necessary for communicating with Anki Drive vehicles.

The Anki Drive SDK is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Projects in the examples folder are released under separate licenses.


The initial release of the SDK has the minimal number of functions required to use the message protocol and parse information sent by vehicles.

  • Parse vehicle info from Bluetooth LE LOCAL_NAME and MANUFACTURER_DATA advertisement data.
  • Create messages to send commands to vehicles.
  • Parse vehicle response messages.

The initial version provides a limited subset of the message protocol. We hope to expand available messages and functionality in the future, once we can do so in a safe and stable way.

Optional dependencies

Building the SDK

The Anki Drive SDK builds cleanly on Mac OS X and most linux distributions. The SDK builds the libankidrive library, with public headers available in include.

The SDK is built using CMake 2.8 ( on all platforms.

 $ mkdir -p build && cd build

 # build & test library
 $ cmake ..
 $ make
 $ make test

 # build library + examples (examples currently require Linux)
 $ make
 $ make test
 $ make install
 # install creates a build/dist/bin folder containing executables

Run Unit Tests

 $ cd build
 $ cmake ..
 $ make
 $ make test