A bot to automatically respond to Skype For Business IM
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BusyBot - Chat Bot for Skype for Business

A bot to automatically respond to Skype For Business IM.
Blog post - https://ankitbko.github.io/2017/01/BusyBot-Sykpe-For-Business-Bot/


Tired of getting IM during work, I created a bot to automatically respond to the incoming message that I am busy and set my Skype status to "Busy". This project was purely for fun.


So what does the bot do as of now? It accepts the incoming IM and -

  • Responds to greetings - Hi, Hello, Good Morning etc.
  • In case the person wants to call me or asks whether I am free - respond that I am busy and will talk later and set my status to Busy.
  • Ignore any other messages - Pretend I am busy
  • Exception Filter - Bot does not reply anything if sender is present in Exception List. I don't want to reply to my manager that I am busy if he pings me. :)


The bot has an optional dependency on Redis server. Since the bot will not be talking to Microsoft Bot Connector in any way, we would need to store bot's context somewhere ourself. I had earlier used locally running instance of Redis. However now I have commented out RedisStore and used InMemoryStore. To use Redis store uncomment the region in Program.cs and comment InMemory region.

You would also need Skype For Business running and signed in.

How to use

The bot is just a console application. The bot service is not hosted as Web Api, but runs within the console applications. First create a new LUIS application by importing the model json from LuisModel directory. Copy your LUIS model id and subscription key and paste it in LuisModel attribute in LyncLuisDialog.cs.

The exception list is located in App.config in the console project. Values are ; separated.

<add key="ManagerList" value="sip:name1@domain.com;sip:name2@domain.com"/>

Make sure your Skype for Business client is running and you are signed in and just start the console project. Ask your friend to ping you and see what happens.