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Flipkart Affiliate

Fetch the Products data from Flipkart through Flipkart Affiliate


1- Install python 3.5 from

2- sudo apt-get install python3-pip (For Ubuntu Users)

3- Install all these package requests, csv, json, os

4- Add your Flipkart Affiliate Keys in the file

    fkAffiliateId = 'affiliateId'
    fkAffiliateToken = 'affiliateToken'

5- After the installation, open terminal at the root folder-- Run python3 or python

Some Useful Installation Tips

If you have already installed python 2.7 install python 3 as well but it may be the problem that the packages installed with respect to python 2.7 and shows error for the python 3 packages,

So you need to install virtual Environment for the python 3 to install python3 packages.

    virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 py3env
    source py3env/bin/activate
    pip install package-name

After setting virtual environment install packages listed above and Enjoy.

P.S For more python scripts Go To -> pythonResources