R package to extract data from plots and other images. Hosts WebPlotDigitizer locally.
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WebPlotDigitizer powered R package for data extraction from images of plots, maps etc.


This package is under heavy development, but uses a stable version of WebPlotDigitizer. If you want to give this a try, then follow these instructions:

  1. If you don't already have devtools, then install using:

  2. Install digitizeR (Linux/Mac/Windows):



No real-time communication has been implemented at the moment, but you can launch and close WPD using the following:

Load library:


Launch a local instance of WebPlotDigitizer:

app <- wpd.launch()

This starts a httpuv based server on your machine. This should also open the local URL in a browser window.

Close server instance:


Change default server location and port:

app <- wpd.launch(location="", port=8080) # for example


At the moment, this package only lets you start (and stop) WebPlotDigitizer, but eventually, I would like to add R functions that can communicate with the app in real-time (using WebSockets). A few examples of what is possible in the future are as follows:

ds <- wpd.getDatasets(app)                  # fetch all digitized data as a data frame.
wpd.loadImage(app, 'my_plot.jpg')           # load an image file programmatically.
wpd.loadPDF(app, 'thesis.pdf', page=5)      # load a specific page from a PDF file.
wpd.calibrate(app, 'calibration_data.json') # align the axes to pixels using some calibration data.

# and so on.


Ankit Rohatgi ankitrohatgi@hotmail.com