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Sample Resume

Web Link

This is deedy's awesome resume template, but without any TeX.

You can use jade to edit the content to your heart's delight. There is an index.jade file that is initially filled with deedy's data, so you can compare this and the original one written in Tex.


A simple three step installation process:

  • Clone this repo (I'd recommend you to fork):

Note: Use --depth 1 to avoid having to download unnecessary commits.

git clone https://github.com/bk2dcradle/jade-resume.git --depth 1
  • Inside the jade-resume directory, run:
npm install
  • (Optional) Initialize git submodules. These are the fonts Raleway and Lato. Note that these have considerable size (about 16 MB combined):
git submodule update --init --recursive


To fill in your entries, you need to edit index.jade. You can check the sample to see how it should be filled.

Just go to the jade-resume directory and do:

grunt server

This will open a new tab/window in your default browser, you can use this to save the resume as PDF or preview changes. To change the contents, edit the index.jade file. The corresponding tab/window should live reload on every save action on the index.jade file. When are you satisfied with the changes, convert the page to PDF as mentioned below.

You can also use an external JSON file for adding text to the resume. In this case, its './data.json`.


To convert the web page to pdf, use the old Command + P (Ctrl + P) trick in Chrome. Settings should be as follows:

Attribute Value
Layout Portrait
Paper Size Letter
Margins None
Pages 1

Jade format guide

Most of the information regarding formatting of index.jade can be inferred by going through the same and checking it against the provided pdf. I will just point out some of the non obvious ones:

  • .left-column supports three kinds of lists
Type of List Jade
Bulleted with each element on one line ul
Bulleted with inline elements ul.inline
Non Bulleted with each element in one line ul.nostyle
  • .right-column supports 1 type of unordered list, and 2 types of ordered list. The unordered one is the one you can see in the right column of the resume. The ordered ones are either of type [1] [2] ... or 1. 2. ...
  • table can be of any number of columns
  • You can load data using a JSON file. In this case, I am loading some of the data from data.json for demonstration purposes
  • You can use .clearfix above any element that becomes inline when it should not
  • You can use .no-overlap on any element to give it some margin-bottom
  • There are three variants of br, spacing increases from top to bottom:
    • br
    • br.two
    • br.three


GNU GPL v3 (c) Ankit Sultana 2016