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An open source CSE Middleware for Education.

Version 0.11.0

oneM2M Python Maintenance License MyPy


This CSE implements a subset of the oneM2M standard specializations (see The intention is to provide an easy to install, extensible, and easy to use and maintain CSE for educational purposes. Also see the discussion on Limitations.


Please consult the following pages for further instructions.


Please see the Changelog for the detailed list of changes.

Highlights in this release

  • <crossResourceSubscription> and <semanticDescriptor> resource types support.
  • Support for semantic queries and semantic discovers.
  • [wifilient] and [dataCollect] management object specializations support.
  • Support for blocking UPDATE notification event type.
  • Various improvements: Support for expirationCounter and notification statistics (<subscription> and <crossResourceSubscription>).
  • Added CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) support for http binding.
  • Various new commands and macros for scripting interpreter and the console.
  • Improved definition of enumeration values for validation.
  • Changed subscription notification handling to asynchronous.
  • Improved request timeouts, especially for the http binding.
  • Improved internal handling of requests sent by the CSE itself.
  • And, as usual, many improvements, bug fixes, and performance improvements.


Please see Acknowledgements.


BSD 3-Clause License for the CSE and its native components and modules. Please see the individual licenses of the used third-party components.