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struct node{
int data;
struct node *l;
struct node *r;
void insert(struct node *new, struct node *t);
void in(struct node *t);
void delete(int data);
struct node *find_node(int data, struct node *t);
int main(){
int a[] = {30, 25, 42, 10, 50};
int size = sizeof(a)/sizeof(a[0]);
printf("We have %d elements \n", size);
struct node root = {a[0], NULL, NULL};
//Construct BST
printf("Let's create BST \n");
for(int i=1;i<size;i++){
struct node *n = (struct node *)malloc(sizeof(struct node));
n->data = a[i];
n->l = NULL;
n->r = NULL;
printf("Insert %d \n",a[i]);
insert(n, &root);
printf("Inorder Traversal of BST gives ");
printf("Let's delete the Node with value 30 \n");
//Delete functionality has not been implemented completely. The basic idea has been coded.
return 0;
void insert(struct node *new, struct node *t){
if(new->data < t->data){
if(t->l == NULL){
t->l = new;
insert(new, t->l);
if(new->data > t->data){
if(t->r == NULL){
t->r = new;
insert(new, t->r);
void in(struct node *t){
if(t == NULL){
printf("%d ", t->data);
//Basic Idea has been presented here. Swap function needs to be implemented.
void delete(int data){
struct node *del_node = find_node(data, &root);
if(del_node != NULL){
if(del_node->l == NULL && del_node->r == NULL){
printf("Leaf Node \n");
}else if(del_node->l != NULL){
printf("Find Max from LST of %d \n", del_node->data);
//struct node *min = findMin(del_node);
//swap(del_node, min);
}else if(del_node->r != NULL){
printf("Find Min from RST of %d \n", del_node->data);
//struct node *max = findMax(del_node);
//swap(del_node, max);
struct node *find_node(int data, struct node *t){
if(data == t->data){
return t;
if(data < t->data){
return find_node(data, t->l);
}else if(data > t->data){
return find_node(data, t->r);
printf("Node not found \n");
return 0;