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BOSH Stemcell Builder Build Status

The stemcell builder is a commandline tool to create new BOSH stemcells.

You can get more infomation about BOSH at

This product is under active development and definitely needs work. 
Expect things to broken and feel free to open bugs/issues. I will get to them as soon as possible.


Install virtualbox

Follow instructions on:

Install veewee

$ gem install veewee --no-ri --no-rdoc

Install vagrant

$ gem install vagrant --no-ri --no-rdoc

Install stemcell builder

$ gem install stemcell_builder

Checkout BOSH source

If you want to build the BOSH agent from source.

Checkout bosh

$ git clone git:// ~/bosh

Build the agent atrifacts using the following commands

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake all:finalize_release_directory


The following is a listing of commands

  stemcell_builder build SUBCOMMAND ...ARGS  # Build a new stemcell
  stemcell_builder help [TASK]               # Describe available tasks or one specific task
  stemcell_builder info <file>               # Display stemcell information, it looks for stemcell file name <file>
  stemcell_builder validate <file>           # Validate stemcell, it looks for stemcell file name <file>

The stemcell build command gives the following options

  stemcell_builder build centos          # Build a new centos stemcell
  stemcell_builder build help [COMMAND]  # Describe subcommands or one specific subco...
  stemcell_builder build redhat          # Build a new redhat stemcell
  stemcell_builder build ubuntu          # Build a new ubuntu stemcell

  [--name=<name>]                              # Name of the stemcell
  [--prefix=<prefix>]                          # Directory to use as staging area for all the stemcell work
  [--architecture=<architecture>]              # Architecture of the OS
  [--infrastructure=<infrastructure>]          # Infrastructure hosting the vm
  [--target=<target>]                          # Path for the final stemcell
  [--agent-src-path=<agent_src_path>]          # Bosh Agent Source path, this may be the gem or directory path of Bosh agent source
  [--agent-version=<agent_version>]            # Bosh Agent version being installed
  [--agent-protocol=<agent_protocol_version>]  # Bosh Agent Protocol Version being installed
  [--iso=<iso file path>]                      # Path to the iso file to use
  [--iso-md5=<MD5 of iso file>]                # <MD5 hash>
  [--gui=Run virtualbox in headed mode]        # Run virtualbox headless
  [--definitions-dir=<path to definitions>]    # Absolute path to the definitions directory to use instead of the built in ones
  [--log-level=DEBUG|INFO|WARN|ERROR|FATAL]    # Level of verbosity for the logs, should match ruby logger levels: DEBUG < INFO < WARN < ERROR < FATAL
  [--micro=convert to micro bosh]              # Convert Stemcell into a micro Stemcell
  [--release-manifest=<agent_src_path>]        # Micro Bosh release manifest, generally <bosh_src_root>/release/micro/<infrastructure>.yml
  [--release-tar=<precompiled_release_tar>]    # Precompiled micro Bosh release tar archive
  [--package-compiler=<package_compiler>]      # Path to Bosh package compiler gems, generally <bosh_src_root>/release/src/bosh/package_compiler/
  [--ssh-port=<ssh_host_port>]                 # Port to use for the ssh tunnel to the vm, if nothing is specified a random open port will be selected

In case of a redhat installation, the following additional options should also be provided

  [--rhn-user=<rhn username>]                  # Redhat Network Username
  [--rhn-pass=<rhn password>]                  # Redhat Network Password


To create a Ubuntu stemcell

stemcell_builder build ubuntu --agent-src-path=~/bosh/release/src/bosh/bosh_agent/ --name=bosh-ubuntu-stemcell

To create a Centos stemcell

stemcell_builder build centos --agent-src-path=~/bosh/release/src/bosh/bosh_agent/ --name=bosh-centos-stemcell

To create a Redhat stemcell

stemcell_builder build redhat --agent-src-path=~/bosh/release/src/bosh/bosh_agent/ --name=bosh-rhel-stemcell --rhn-user=<RHN username> --rhn-password=<RHN password>

To create a Ubuntu MicroBOSH stemcell

stemcell_builder build ubuntu --micro --agent-src-path=~/bosh/release/src/bosh/bosh_agent/ --release-tar=~/bosh/release/dev_releases/micro-bosh-0.1-dev.tgz --release-manifest=~/bosh/release/micro/vsphere.yml --package-compiler=~/bosh/release/src/bosh/package_compiler/ --name=micro-bosh-stemcell

To create a Centos MicroBOSH stemcell

stemcell_builder build centos --micro --agent-src-path=~/bosh/release/src/bosh/bosh_agent/ --release-tar=~/bosh/release/dev_releases/micro-bosh-0.1-dev.tgz --release-manifest=~/bosh/release/micro/vsphere.yml --package-compiler=~/bosh/release/src/bosh/package_compiler/ --name=micro-bosh-stemcell


This tool supports only a small subset of operations. Currently, the tool is targeted to be able to create vsphere templates for ubuntu and centOS 6.x. The following is a list of things that need to be done before we can call it ready for primetime (in order of priority).

  • Add Micro cloudfoundry build support
  • Support AWS
  • Support Openstack


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request


[DEAD] A command line tool to create new Bosh stemcells







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