Vue.js component for Trumbowyg WYSIWYG editor
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Vue Trumbowyg

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Vue.js v2.x component for Trumbowyg WYSIWYG editor

Demo on JSFiddle


# npm
npm install vue-trumbowyg --save

# Yarn
yarn add vue-trumbowyg


  • Reactive v-model value
    • You can change editor value programmatically
  • Emits all possible events
  • Supports most plugins
  • Play nice with vee-validate validation library


  • jQuery >=1.8


    <trumbowyg v-model="content" :config="config" class="form-control" name="content"></trumbowyg>

  // Import this component
  import trumbowyg from 'vue-trumbowyg';
  // Import editor css
  import 'trumbowyg/dist/ui/trumbowyg.css';
  export default {    
    data () {
      return {
        content: '',
        config: {
          // Any option from 
    components: {

As plugin

  import Vue from 'vue';
  import VueTrumbowyg from 'vue-trumbowyg';
  import 'trumbowyg/dist/ui/trumbowyg.css';

This will register a global component <trumbowyg>


  • You can listen to various events like this
 <trumbowyg v-model="body" @tbw-blur="yourMethod"></trumbowyg>

Available props

The component accepts these props:

Attribute Type Default Description
v-model / value String / null null Set or Get editor value (required)
config Object {} Editor configuration options
svg-path String, Boolean import 'trumbowyg/dist/ui/icons.svg' Set custom svg icon file URL

Install in non-module environments (without webpack)

  • Acquire required files
<!-- Editor dependency-->
<script src=""></script>

<!-- Editor itself -->
<script src=""></script>
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

<!-- Vue js -->
<script src=""></script>
<!-- Lastly add this package -->
<script src=""></script>
  • Use the component anywhere in your app like this
<!-- index.html -->
<div id="app">  
   <trumbowyg v-model="content" class="form-control"></trumbowyg>  
  // Initialize as global component
  Vue.component('Trumbowyg', VueTrumbowyg.default);
  new Vue({
    el: '#app',
    data: {
      content: null,      


Run examples on your localhost

  • Clone this repo
  • Make sure you have node-js >=6.10 and yarn >=1.x pre-installed
  • Install dependencies - yarn install
  • Run webpack dev server - yarn start
  • This should open the demo page at http://localhost:9000 in your default web browser


Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


MIT License