Motion Based Game Control for Cell Phones
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Game On

Game On is a motion based Game controler using Cell Phones, it allows any phone to work as a motion controller (kind of like Wii Controller). The Idea behind Game On was that todays Cell Phones have most of the hardware/sensers thats on Wii, so a Cell Phone could be used as a replacement for a Wii Contoller, Game On allows you to do so but currently just for racing games!!. More Description

##This Repo tracks code for

  • Android Application Source
  • PC Server Source
  • Toy Car Control Server

Android Application Source

  • Build on Android 2.1
  • Just Compile and Install
  • Tested on Samsung i5801 (Apollo)

PC Server Source

  • Uses libX11-devel and libXtst-devel (Fedora)
  • Compile -> gcc gameon.c -o gameon -lX11 -lXtst
  • just run -> ./gameon

Toy Car Control Server

  • Uses PySerial, just do a pip install pyserial